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Hotel with large garden in sunny South Tyrol

The well-maintained garden at the Hubertusstube hotel in the heart of the Dolomites enriches our traditional and Mediterranean gourmet menus with natural home grown delicacies

Nature endows us with an abundance of healthy delicacies which we love to share with our guests. Thanks to our sheltered hillside location, juicy tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes and radishes all flourish here and we use these to add a certain finesse to your salads and other dishes. Every year we get around 300 days of sunshine and this also does wonders for our fresh herbs, such as parsley and basil, which are among the regular ingredients used in our kitchen.
Also crucial are the other delicious natural products which come from our own garden. Grandpa Urban and son Ivan look after the vegetable garden and fruit trees. Grandma Hanni and the grandchildren Vera, Manuel and Alex all help with the harvest. Potatoes, tomatoes, courgettes, beans, cucumbers, leeks, celery, onions, lettuce, cherries, plums, walnuts, hazelnuts, chestnuts, apples and herbs (rosemary, sage, basil, thyme, chives, parsley, mint) all thrive magnificently in Laion’s warm climate and are served up to our guests depending on what is in season. Our high quality wild game dishes are all thanks to the hunting skills of head chef Urban and his son Ivan.

Rooms with beautiful views and a lot of space to relax
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