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Indulgence at the highest level – hotel with restaurant for gourmet lovers in Laion

We will pamper you in our traditional hotel with homemade delicacies from South Tyrolean and Mediterranean cuisine

We are very attached to our homeland and its traditions – and you can taste it in our food.
Regional cuisine has a firm place on our gourmet menus. Alongside regional specialities you will also detect a southern influence in the Mediterranean flavours and light creations.
We look forward to indulging you in our rustic dining room and in the original 18th century “Pfandlerstube” (parlour) where you can enjoy genuine and distinctive South Tyrolean cuisine for food-lovers and connoisseurs.
Also important are the natural delicacies which come from our own garden. Grandpa Urban and son Ivan look after the vegetable garden and fruit trees. Grandma Hanni and the grandchildren Vera, Manuel and Alex all help with the harvest. Potatoes, tomatoes, courgettes, lettuce, plums, apples, nuts, herbs and other types of fruit and vegetables all thrive magnificently in Laion’s warm climate and are served up to our guests depending on what is in season. Our high quality wild game dishes are all thanks to the hunting skills of head chef Urban and his son Ivan.

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The dish known as “Schlutzkrapfen” (a type of filled pasta) is one of the most popular specialities in the South Tyrolean Dolomites and this is a regular fixture on our menu at the Hubertusstube

The “Schlutzkrapfen”, known in short as “Schlutzer”, are an essential in every South Tyrolean kitchen. They can be recognised by their typical half-moon shape and when you bite in you find a delicately flavoured spinach filling. Grandma Johanna still makes this regional pasta speciality herself by hand; patiently and carefully following a traditional recipe.
Genuine South Tyrolean cuisine for foodies!


A hearty breakfast is the ideal start for your next hiking or skiing adventure

At the Hubertusstube we place great importance on a balanced diet so the day here starts with a lavish breakfast buffet offering fresh, regional products. Definite highlights are the delicious freshly baked South Tyrolean pastries which Grandma Johanna rustles up on a daily basis.

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