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Schlutzkrapfen - Finest ravioli with hearty spinach filling

The "Schlutzer" are among the most popular dishes in the South Tyrolean Dolomites and are a speciality of the Hubertusstube menu.

The “Schlutzkrapfen”, known in short as “Schlutzer”, are an essential in every South Tyrolean kitchen. They can be recognised by their typical half-moon shape and when you bite in you find a delicately flavoured spinach filling. Grandma Johanna still makes this regional pasta speciality herself by hand; patiently and carefully following a traditional recipe.
Genuine South Tyrolean cuisine for foodies!


Rooms with beautiful views and a lot of space to relax


A tasty combination of food and tradition


Sunny position and ideal place for relaxing hours

From the garden

Homemade delicacies to please every palate

25/04/24 - 31/05/24
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01/06/24 - 16/10/24
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